The Ultimate List of Stamping Tips

I’m coming up to my 8th year of stamp making, but i’ve probably been using stamps for many more than that. As a keen crafter, rubber stamps, polymer stamps and even those stamps cut out of foam we used to make in Primary school have always been in my crafting tool box.

Stamps are such a versatile tool that I could probably write a blog post ever day for a year with ideas and still have more suggestions but I’m going to go over a few basics of how to use my handmade stamps so that you have the most success. If you have any further questions then feel free to get in touch.

Polymer Stamps

The stamps I create are made from a type of flexible polymer. Once set it is clear (it may have a slight pink tint). This means that assuming you use it with a clear block you can see EXACTLY where you are putting it on the paper. All my stamps come permanently mounted onto a hard acrylic block as standard but if you prefer cling mount or unmounted then just ask. The benefit of pre-mounting is it is always ready to go and I’m all in favour of making life quick and simple.

How to Use Your Stamps


As I said before there are so many things you can create with stamps and this starts with the surfaces you can stamp onto. Generally speaking, as long as you use the correct ink (more on that later) then you can stamp onto most things.

  • Card and Paper (matt and glossy)
  • Fabric (natural and synthetic)
  • Wood
  • Even certain plastics or metals (specialist ink required)

For the best outcome, it is recommend to stamp onto a smooth, flat surface. For example trying to stamp onto a curved surface will be less than perfect if the ink doesn’t touch the surface evenly.

If you plan to stamp onto fabric then you need to decide if it needs to be washable because you can get certain inks that once ironed for 2 minutes it is washable at 30 degrees. You might also want to consider the complexity of the stamp design if using on fabric or wood as simpler designs are more effective.

Choosing Ink

There are hundreds of types and brands of ink. The quality and outcomes can also vary massively so it is best to check a few different ones to see what you like best. Here are a few of the most common options available.

  1. Dye Ink – Ranger Archival Ink is the brand I stock. It is a good ink for using with regular paper and card, it comes in a wide variety of colours but bear in mind that the colour of the surface with affect the final shade. It also often dries lighter. Archival ink pads are quite dry to touch so the method of stamping mentioned in the last section is the best way to use them. You shouldn’t have any issues with over inking but you might find dye ink will bleed on fabrics and wood. Memento is another good quality dye ink brand.
  2. Pigment Ink – Pigment inks sit on the surface rather than soaking in like dye ink so it is useful on a wider range of surfaces. However, it can take a while to dry so is prone to smudging and overinking. Due to the fact it sits on the surface you get a wider choice of colours such as chalky, pastels and metallics which you cannot achieve with dye ink. I recommend Verscolor or Versacraft as a pigment ink for using with multi surfaces.
  3. Solvent Ink – Solvent inks such as Stazon and the cleaners are not recommended for use with this kind of polymer stamp as they disintegrate very quickly.

Stamping Tips

When you are ready to stamp then lay out your tools and materials. Make sure you are protecting any surfaces incase you spill any ink. Have a piece of scrap paper to practise on and a damp cloth or baby wipes for cleaning up after.

The best method of transferring ink to a stamp is by laying the stamp face up on the table and tapping the ink pad into the stamp multiple times for even coverage. especially for larger stamps. You can then carefully pick it up and press smoothly onto the paper. You should not need to press too hard but make sure that the whole stamp gets contact otherwise you might find missing patches.

Gently lift it away from the paper, being careful not to smudge it, especially if using an ink that requires time to dry. Once you have finished stamping or wish to change to a different colour ink then make sure you clean off the remaining ink, this is when a damp cloth or baby wipe is useful. Depending on the ink, it might stain the clear stamp but if clean and dry, it shouldn’t affect further stamping projects.

Quick Video on How to Stamp

TROUBLESHOOTING: If you over ink your stamp, get it too wet, are too rough or forget to clean the polymer, it will shorten the life of your stamp. Occasionally a stamp might detach from the acrylic block especially with a lot of use but it is nothing to worry about. You can give it a good wash in warm soapy water, removing any residue of adhesive, dry it and reattach using a strong double sided tape. A well looked after stamp will last for many years with regular use.

Artwork Requirements

You need to decide what kind of stamp you want for your project or collection. As well as a range of pre-made designs for occasions, packaging and more I can also create custom stamps. Choose from having your own logo, drawing or artwork as a stamp or I can create a simple design from scratch or using one of my templates as a starter.

If you supply a design then you (or your designer) needs to make sure your artwork meets the following requirements:

  • It is easily translatable into black/white (no shadows/gradients/ colour blocks touching) You can supply it in colour though.
  • It is high quality (high resolution is 300dpi) and a reasonable size. We will do any scaling so please don’t worry if you don’t have the exact size file.
  • It is a PDF or a high quality PNG or JPG (both white or transparent backgrounds are fine)
  • Any text on the file is at least 10pt (12pt for fancy or script fonts) when scaled down. If you are unsure then you can ask before ordering and I will have an estimate but ultimately it is down to you to decide if it will be big enough/clear enough.

I hope this has been a useful post sharing just how great stamps are. Try using your stamps to make gorgeous gift wrap, gift tags, handmade cards, scrapbook pages and even stamping onto fabric tabs, ribbon, tote bags, clothing, wood plaques and more. Experiment with metallic or chalk inks for different effects and just have fun!


Why the Internet has not imploded on 25th May 2018

Unless you have been living under a rock you will now probably be sick of hearing about those 4 little letters ‘GDRP’, especially if you run a small business yourself!

I’ll admit that when I first heard about the new General Data Protection Regulation which is replacing the incredibly outdated Data Protection Directive, I was a bit nervous that it was going to be this huge thing that would implode the Internet. When the last legislation was written up Google wasn’t even a thing so it was well overdue and now when I look at the big picture, the new legislation will make the world (well the EU at least) a better place.

I can’t say I now know everything there is to know about GDPR because I’m not a legal professional but I probably know a lot more than I really need to for the purpose of my own micro business. Once I get the bit between my teeth I can’t help but read every article and watch every video no matter how dull the content is! I purchased The GDPR compliance pack from Suzanne Dibble (GDPR expert) and spent many evenings watching her very informative video chats even about topics that weren’t even relevant to me.

My main takeaway from my research concluded that there wasn’t too much work I needed to do to make sure my business was legal and above board and I think I actually spent about 2 days in total spilt over a couple of weeks getting my privacy policy updated, filling in the relevant documents in the compliancy pack and Googling stuff (what did we do back in 1998?). This might sound like a lot of time to some people but when you know how obsessive I get about these things I have probably gone further than I really needed.

Privacy seems to be a bit of a luxury in the modern world where everything is connected and tracked.  I sometimes think that life without mobiles and internet would be easier, then I remember how many times I’ve checked when the next bus is due on my phone or pulled over to look at a traffic map when I’ve spotted a jam up ahead. However, it is important to know what companies have information on us and what they are doing with it. Transparency seems to be the predominant feature of the new legislation. I also like the right to be forgotten clause, I have this crazy idea that one day I might want to go off the grid and live on a farm with 27 cats.

Photo Credit:

There has been a great deal of panicking about the new laws especially in the small craft business community, rumours spread like wildfire and they can be hard to extinguish. The important thing to remember is that the ICO (the ones who are regulating all of this) are not trying to ‘catch us out’ and sending out fines of millions of pounds. They are just trying to make it safer for our personal data and if it stops the endless emails from dodgy companies that have bought my email address from a list then I’m definitely in favour.

If we as small businesses are collecting any data such as from customers or potential clients, then we need to make sure we are dong it legally and it is being stored securely. Reporting security breaches sounds like a really dramatic thing but the chances of actually needing to do it are slim to non but it is worth finding out how and why in advance to be prepared for any situation. GDPR should be treated the same as any other aspect of our businesses.

So, there you have it. The internet has not imploded on the 25th May 2018, even if my personal mailbox has been hit hard over the last few days. It has been a good opportunity to unsubscribe from the companies that I no longer felt connected to and didn’t realise still had my information. I did hold onto the rescue cats newsletter though incase that dream about living on a farm with 27 cats comes to fruition!

Photo Credit:


please, please don’t bury your head in the sand though. If you are yet to get things in place then make sure you sort it as soon as possible, it really isn’t as bad as you think! This blog post is not designed to be any kind of substitute for legal help, you should check out the ICO website (if you are UK based) or the Suzanne Dibble Facebook Group for starters. If you have an Etsy shop, they have a privacy policy template ready for you to personalise.

Download Your Freebie Weekly Expenses Planner

New year’s resolutions don’t always have to start on January 1st! The start of the new tax year (6th April in the UK!) is also a good time for putting new practises into place and getting organised with the numbers

If you dread the thought of doing your small business accounts and the tax return then why not make it easier and prettier with our free weekly expenses planner. All you have to do to download it is to sign up to our mailing list HERE.

There are loads of benefits of being part of the mailing list. We only send out the best content such as practical freebie downloads, fun wallpaper designs as well as special offers and discounts for our online shop:


This stylish expenses planner has been designed by us in a minimalist monochrome design with calligraphy typography so it will look beautiful adorning your desk if you choose to print it or it will be sure to raise a smile if you use it as a digital file only.

Sign up now to get your free expenses planner and look out for an email coming soon with a daily sales planner too so you can have the matching set!

We completely respect your privacy and are are working through the new GDPR regulations so we will keep your name and email information safe and secure and you have the choice to opt out at any time quickly and easily.

If there is any freebie content you would like to see, then get in touch as we love working with small businesses in a practical way! If you are already a subscriber, you don’t not have to sign up again just send me an email and I will forward the expenses planner to you!

A reflection on #marchmeetthemaker Instagram Challenge

You may have seen the hashtag #marchmeetthemaker floating around social media or if you are a maker you might have been joining in. It is a month-long photo challenge set by Joanne Hawker and is designed to encourage you to post more thoughtfully and create a community. This year I decided to join in and we are on Day 26 and nearing the end of the challenge I thought I would reflect and showcase some of my favourite posts so you can get to know me a bit better.

When I set my mind to do something I am very strong willed so I have so far managed to craft a photo for each prompt AND on posted them on the correct days! The success to sticking with it has been scheduling posts, I took advantage of times when inspiration struck or when it was a good photography day and planned ahead. I was also lenient with myself and interpreted the prompts in my own way rather than sticking with the clichés. Some of the posts were shared on Instagram stories only which is why some are missing but if you want you can see everything on my Instagram (@clarisecrafts).

I’ll hopefully come back and update this post at the end but I know it is Easter weekend and wanted to get ahead of the game incase I was too busy hunting down chocolate eggs. My conclusion is that it was a worthwhile challenge and I’m fully committed to continuing posting in the same way as I have seen a great upward trend in my reach which is always a bonus. I will just have to come up with my own daily prompts!

2018-03-02 09.32.55
DAY 4 – FAVOURITE TO MAKE: My favourite thing to make is probably always going to be custom stamps. Each one is completely unique which makes them really special and knowing that they will be well loved and regularly used makes me happy. Custom wedding stamps are usually the prettiest but it can get a bit repetitive as I find myself making the same design multiple times in a single day due to current trends. Business stamps are more varied and interesting as everyone has their own purpose for their stamp and I design and make them to very specific requirements.This was a recent design featuring the customer’s logo on one and then care label information on the other. I do have a thing for standardised care icons as I like the formality and clarity they bring so if I had to pick a favourite kind of custom stamp it would probably be care label stamps.
2018-03-03 13.38.51.jpg
DAY 5 – PHOTOGRAPHY: Late last year I invested in an entry level DSLR camera. I was worried that it was going to end up sitting in a drawer not being used as it was too heavy or complicated and that I would stick to what I knew with my iPhone. Surprisingly the exact opposite has happened! I actually watched tutorials, read some photography books and took the camera off auto mode.I’m fairly confident that I know what half of the buttons now do and when I should be pressing them and but I think one of the most effective ways to learn is by practising. I always had in my head what I wanted my photos to look like and I’m quite pleased with what I have achieved. Styling is still quite a challenge but I’ve learned to keep it simple and you can’t go far wrong.
2018-02-21 13.14.33.jpg
DAY 7 – ROUTINE: My routine is quite structured now, it has evolved over the years and at times I felt a little bit out of control. Now I have a rough plan of what I’m doing on a weekly basis it is easier to sit down and make start on a morning. I currently only go to the post office twice a week now on Tuesday’s and Friday’s and usually before midday so Monday’s and Thursday’s are spent making and packing up orders. Wednesdays are reserved for design work and Friday is a reserve day although I try to take the afternoon’s off to spend with my OH who no longer works on Fridays. My daily routine is less organised but I generally have a to do list on the go and I find that I am most productive before lunch so I can get motivated by about 9.30 then it’s going to be a good day.
2018-02-21 14.04.18
DAY 8 – FLATLAY: When I first started my business it was all about the flatlay photo, I think they were just called top downs then (feeling old). It worked really well for my products and it was simple to get a half decent shot using my iPhone. I think the main lure of flatlay photography is how quick it can be to set up, you can take them almost anywhere and you don’t have the think about the background too much. Not having to drag a big heavy camera around is also a benefit. Since getting to grips with my DSLR I’ve found myself experimenting more with depth of field and different angles and product photography has become much more enjoyable. However, I’m not going to abandon the humble flatlay as it does have its uses but I’m going to try using the camera a bit more to create them like this one from my recent packaging stamps shoot.
2018-02-21 13.49.23
DAY 9 – HOW IT’S MADE: You might be surprised to hear that I make everything to order; that even includes non customised items! It means I don’t have loads of stock taking up space, I can move with the trends quickly and I don’t feel guilty if I want to redesign a product. Occasionally I make up samples or spares which I save and have a stock clearance a couple of times a year.⠀
All my items are made by hand by me only. I don’t use a laser cutter or any big machinery which takes away from the fact I am literally running my hands over and checking the product every second it is being manufactured. I’m obsessed with quality so this is the only way I can feel confident that everything is top notch.
DAY 10 – TIME TO RELAX: Being self employed can make it hard to relax and switch off. I made the decision to switch off all app notifications on my phone so that I can decide when to check my messages and it has done wonders for my metal health. I still check the apps far too frequently and I know it is addictive so I’m trying to get better at that.I don’t really have many hobbies so my time to relax usually involves a bit of stitching, reading or short walks. This photo was taken in Otley, one of the best places nearby for a stroll.
2018-02-21 13.41.58.jpg
DAY 12 – POSTAGE & PACKAGING: I’m not ashamed to say I’m a bit of a packaging geek. It is an ongoing battle between being a minimalist and saving every piece of beautifully designed packaging I come across. One of my favourite things to design is packaging stamps and I have quite the collection now. Stamping is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make your letters and parcels look fun but professional at the same time. It is also very eco-friendly.
DAY 14 – DREAMS & PLANS: Today’s theme is dreams and plans and this is something I struggle with. I never really plan anything more than a few weeks or months ahead and I don’t know why, I guess it is just who I am. Since the start of the year I have been doing more drawing on paper so hopefully I’ll be able to use those doodles as part of my creative development. I also dream of a house full of lovely greenery, my plant collection is slowly building so we’re halfway there.I guess my only real plan is to keep doing more of what I love and less of what I don’t! 
DAY 19 – CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Right now I would have to say I can’t live without the DSLR camera! A few months ago I was feeling a bit stagnant and that my marketing efforts were a bit lacklustre; I knew how I wanted to portray myself and my business but it just wasn’t looking right. Now I know what is possible and it has opened up a load of possibilities for development and creativity so I’m very excited about that. I use my phone less and less these days, I even prefer to use social media on the iMac because I think it takes away the hustle and allows you more time to say what you really want. I’m not in a crazy rush to post something that’s not my best, I can source the most appropriate photo from my hard drive and plan my posts in advance so If I need new photography then I have the time to do it properly and enjoy it.
2018-03-20 14.37.34
DAY 20 – TOOLS & MATERIALS: When it comes to tools and materials I use on a daily basis, it is pretty standard stuff. Even my stamp making kit is pretty low tech utilising only light and water but it does the job.The majority of my raw materials are clear so very difficult and uninspiring to photograph so I decided to focus on the paper based side of the business instead.I have always been a huge paper addict, a lovely sketchbook or textured card make me so happy and I’m not ashamed to admit it. There is a simplicity about paper that inspires creativity; you can sketch, paint, write, layer, cut, stick in so many different ways that you always end up with something unique.At the moment I am having a massive sketchbook revival making scrapbooks as well as using them for drawing. I’m slowly getting over the fear of ruining that perfectly pristine sheet.
DAY 22 – SKETCHBOOKS & LISTS: If I could make lists of lists then I absolutely would. Although my list books are not very pretty and most of the time the writing is illegible but when they are scrunched up in the recycle bin at the end of the day it doesn’t matter.Sketchbooks on the other hand are something I’m precious about. I’m always terrified of starting a new book incase I ruin it or something doesn’t turn out quite right. I’m trying to be more free about putting pen to paper, knowing that if I need to tidy up my drawings I can do it digitally in Photoshop and Illustrator. I think digital drawing is just as valid as the ink kind but when I’ve spent all day in front of a screen it is nice to relax on the sofa with my sketchbook.
DAY 23 – HANDS AT WORK: Quality control is where I take my time. It is not worthwhile rushing because so much relies on getting the perfect outcome. My QC threshold is pretty high on all my products but especially stamps. I use both sight and touch to test my products; running your fingers across is a great way to see if there are any air bubbles or loose bits. As my stamps are clear polymer mounted on clear acrylic it is so hard to tell if there are any issues by sight alone. I always test them in ink too but I think the hands are a really integral step in this process. The only downside is that my hands get very dry and sore but I think it is worth it.
DAY 24 – ACHIEVEMENTS: Achievements are not something like to shout about but if I had to pick something that I’m really proud of is when I was asked to be an Etsy Resolution mentor last year, my task was to help new Etsy sellers find their feet and it was very rewarding. During the training at Etsy HQ in London I got to spend it with the lovely @jillyjillydesign and @handmadebymonica. The office was brand new at the time and they hadn’t yet finished decorating so I’m enjoying seeing up to date pics from this weekend’s Captain’s Summit.A close second was getting invited to meet Linda Kozlowski, COO of Etsy with a few other sellers including @lunaharkinand @elsieandnell to discuss improvements to the platform. She had flown over from the US so it was a real privilege to get to chat with her.
2018-03-20 14.41.34
DAY 25 – BEING A MAKER MEANS: Being a maker means so much to me. I like to be one hundred percent accountable for myself by physically crafting things as well as doing all the other stuff that comes with running a small business; marketing, shipping, admin, accounting…I’ve thought about outsourcing things for a while to streamline my processes and free up some precious time but I’m not sure it is for me. I like to be hands on and relying on others causes me so much stress. It means that I am limited with how I can progress but I’m sure I’ll work it out in time.
DAY 26 – BOOKS, BLOGS & PODCASTS: I absolutely love books, especially ones that I can come back to time and time again. Brand Brilliance by Fiona Humberstone (@thebrand_stylist) is a permanent reference source for me, I also enjoy reading her blog as it is full of words of wisdom.
My copy of Brand Brilliance is especially precious to me as I was lucky enough to go to the book launch last year and Fiona signed it for me. It’s a great little reminder to Be Brilliant.

A Visit to The Print Fair at The Hepworth, Wakefield

Friday is our new adventure day and today we headed to The Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield as I wanted to check out The Print Fair which was happening this weekend (23-25th March).

2018-03-23 13.32.27
Photo credit: @andrew_marshall88

The best way to convince me to leave the house is food so of course we had to start our adventure with lunch in the gallery cafe which is filled with greenery and beautiful planters courtesy of Geo Fleur; the food didn’t disappoint either. Once refreshed we took a stroll around the gallery itself, admiring the work of local artists Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore as well as light installation exhibition by Anthony Mcall.

After spending a relaxing hour wandering around the gallery, we headed across the grounds, passing the street food vendors to The Print Fair. It was quite busy even though it was a Friday but I got the opportunity to chat to a few stall holders and thought I would share a few of my favourites with you.

The first thing to catch my eye were these lovely mixed media works by Lucy Freeman. I especially loved the embroidery hoops as they were plant themed which is my absolute favourite.

Then I spoke to a lovely guy called Iain from Print Garage. His pieces were the kind that you could look at forever and keep seeing new things. I also loved his print display on wooden coat hangers.

This gorgeous stand was Ali Appleby. I could happily fill my house with those gorgeous printed cushions and I was so tempted by a windowsill print, maybe I will treat myself to something.

My final highlight was the fun and colourful work of Anna + Kate of The Smallish House. I loved the eclectic mix of homewares but how everything worked so well together as a collection. I couldn’t pick one specific thing that I liked as I think I would have to have it all.

There were so many other fantastic artists and printmakers but I don’t want to spoil it for you if you are planning a visit. The Print Fair is on for the rest of this weekend so is worth stopping by especially if you are local to Wakefield. You can find out more about the gallery here


How To Set Up Instagram Story Highlights

If you like to hang out on Instagram you might have noticed the Instagram stories highlight feature. If you have no idea what I’m referring to then you might have seen the little circles on a person’s profile about the main grid. They will only be there if that person has added them so don’t worry if you haven’t come across them yet.

The benefit to these ‘highlights’ is that you can add some of your quick posts that aren’t quite grid-worthy but that you want to hang around for longer than 24 hours. You can even add posts retrospectively but bear in mind that highlights are shown chronologically from oldest to newest.



I am a huge fan of having everything coordinated so as soon as I made the decision to start using highlights on my profile, I wanted to create some cover photos for each category so that they looked pretty and consistent. You can have as many highlights as you want but remember that visitors might not be keen to keep scrolling through endless stories, so only pick your favourites and keep it relevant. It is also worth pointing out that you might only be able to see 4 or 5 highlights (on larger screens) at initial glance so keep those for your best posts.

Setting up highlights is pretty simple but it does require a little bit of faffing to get the covers where you want them. Annoyingly you have to have added the covers as part of an existing story. My workaround was to design and add all the ones I wanted at once with an apology/ explanation as to what I was doing. I’ll no doubt have to add some more covers as I plan more highlights.

Step 1: Create your custom covers in your favourite design programme. The dimensions are 1080 x 1920 pixels for a story so it will be easiest to position the text by creating files of these dimensions first. Here is a handy guide to give you an idea. I saved them at 72dpi and the quality was fine as they are going to be very small.


Step 2: Download the files onto your phone and then upload the covers as an Instagram story in the usual way. You might want to make the posts into a actual story if you don’t want to confuse your followers.

Step 3: There are two ways to turn them into highlights. The first option is to view your story and click the heart in the bottom right, it will then allow you to create a new highlight or add to an existing one. Alternatively you can click on the circle on your profile with a + in the middle and the word ‘new’ underneath to set up your highlights. You can do the same thing to add individual stories from the past but remember they will go before the cover post. You can only post stories older than 24 hours using the second method.

2018-02-25 17.44.45

Step 4: When you are on your own profile page (as shown above) you can view each highlight tag that you have set up and click the three dots in the bottom right and choose edit highlight. This is where you can add and edit the cover, you can even reposition it to ensure it is completely central etc. Click done to save your changes.

I hope that helps explain the method I use to keep my Insta profile looking tidy and coherent. If you need any more help feel free to message me and I’ll do my best to answer any questions.

How I Dealt With It When I Had A Wobble With My Business

If you follow me on social media you will probably have already seen this post but I wanted to give a little more context and have a more permanent record of my experience.

About a month ago I had a major wobble with my business. After an unexpectedly slow start to the year I was starting to doubt myself and what I was doing. Clarise Crafts has grown very consistently since I started in 2013 and I’ve been fortunate enough to not have any major setbacks. So when I was geared up for a crazy busy January; usually one of my busiest months of the year and the sales just fizzled out I started to panic.

Etsy is my primary income source, when I set it up I considered it just a bonus but when Facebook made some changes to their algorithm, my direct sales rapidly decreased as my Etsy sales rapidly increased. I’m fully aware that having all my eggs in one basket is not a good business structure so I am still building up my website traffic, mailing list and everything else that goes with it.

I have no idea why my Etsy sales experienced such a massive slump, I spent hours scouring forums and groups to see if there was anything going on. I came to the conclusion that there was not one reason but it was possibly a whole host of reasons.

  1. A large chunk of my orders are now wedding and baby related from individuals so I am at the mercy of the retail calendar which naturally slumps post Christmas.
  2. There was a drop in the exchange rates for USD and as nearly half my customers are outside of the UK, my products did not seem as good a value.
  3. Etsy have been working on lots of updates to the interface and the search functions. Products have started clumping again so this is a sign that things are going on behind the scenes we don’t fully understand.
  4. Probably lots of other things I haven’t considered yet.

I had a few days of comfort eating and Netflix binging (I watched all 10 seasons of Friends in 2 weeks, seriously!) and then I decided to do something about it. My head was still in such a negative space and I didn’t feel like staring a computer screen with my sparse order list so I went back to basics and took out my pens, notebooks and sketchbooks and just started doing. ⠀

2018-02-20 13.51.52

In those quiet times over the past few weeks I’ve amazed myself with what I have achieved, I’ve created so many new designs, in fact I have redesigned and updated most of my major product ranges. I also had time to work and practise with my DSLR and feel I’ve made massive strides with my photography. I even honed my workflow for better productivity when hopefully the busier times return.

Being completely honest, at the time it felt like it had just dropped off a cliff when in reality I went from crazy busy to just steady and things have already started to pick back up. I’d like to think it was down to my persistence but in reality it is likely just down to the natural ebb and flow of business. I’m now longer as scared of having a quiet time because it means I get to work on those things on the more fun things on the to do list and get to have a bit more creativity.

I would like to thank each and every person who supports my small business as it really does make a huge impact on me. When I initially posted this on Instagram, it attracted over 300 likes and so many encouraging comments which means the world to me as I have feel so disconnected on social media recently. My hopes are to stay connected, be honest and authentic and keep on trucking.

2018-02-21 13.04.48